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To our valued members and guests:

Captain's Cove realizes these are very different and trying times for everyone. No matter your personal views on these crazy times, we will always do what is in the best interests of our members, guests, and staff. Many people have said, "Why not just open everything up? Let's get back to normal." Unfortunately, we are not sure what that "new" normal will look like. Captain's Cove has a lot of members who are older and more vulnerable to this deadly virus. We also have several staff members who are immune deficient. Should we just roll the dice and take our chances? Several campgrounds and businesses are doing just that. We will not be one of them. The resort will adhere to all state and local guidelines regarding

COVID-19. Regrettably, we don't have all the answers, as the guidelines are changing daily. When we are able to open all the wonderful amenities at the resort safely, we will do so. That being said, the present guidelines require us to shut down the following: 


-All public restrooms

-Pool/Hot tub

-Bar (The restaurant will be open for take out orders only)

-Office (Camping registration is explained at the security gate entering the campground)

-Boat rentals, equipment rentals 


-Laundry facilities

The mini golf course will remain open as long as you bring your own clubs and balls. Wood and ice will be available during open business hours, which will be posted on both the office and bar. These hours will be updated weekly. All other rules and regulations on the resort will remain the same as always.

A few friendly reminders: Quiet hours are midnight-8am, unattended trailers will be removed from the campsite at the owner's expense, trailer moves require 48 hours advance notice. 

These are very uncertain times for all of us, but if we follow the guidelines, including the social distancing, we will hopefully have another great summer at the Cove. The Cove family is one of the best around, and we don't want to lose any of you!


We will update as needed. Please stay safe and healthy, and we will see you all very soon. 


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